Top 4 Universities in Malta:

Malta is a country which is small sized. The country has a low population of only 420,000 inhabitants in the archipelago. Affordability, safe environment, and work opportunities have made Malta a prime destination for international students from all around the world including Bangladesh. Malta is a beautiful country full of beaches. This also makes it a popular place for travelers looking for a beautiful country to spend their leisure time in and also for international students looking for a beautiful country to go to.

Malta has a number of quality institutes for international students, many of which are operated by countries like the UK and USA. Some of the UK and USA universities have opened branches across the Mediterranean Islands offering quality education to students. However, Malta also has its own universities. Some of them are following curricula and standards set by the UK, Europe, or the US. Therefore, Malta is providing education that follows international standards.

Universities in Malta are renowned for offering a wide range of programs and courses in multiple languages. However, most courses are taught in English. This helps the students studying in Malta improve their English skills. There are hundreds of international students studying in Malta. Since English is a common language most students in Bangladesh will not have any problems with communication. Some countries may require you to learn a second language which is not the case for Malta.

With the limited number of Universities in Malta, here is a list of the top 4 universities in Malta for Bangladeshi students.

Top 4 Universities in Malta for Bangladeshi Students:


1. University of Malta:

The University of Malta is a public university located in the small town of Msida. It was founded in 1592. There is also a campus of this university in Gozo. The university offers undergraduate bachelor’s degrees, graduate master’s degrees, and postgraduate degrees. The University of Malta is a member of the European University of Association, the European.
The total number of enrolled students at the university of Malta is around 8,000 to 8,999.

2. American University of Malta:

The American University of Malta was founded in 2016. The university is located in Cospicua. There is a campus of the American University of Malta in Marsaskala. It is officially accredited by the Malta Ministry of Education and Employment. The American University of Malta (AUM) is an American liberal arts college. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a wide range of career-focused courses.

3. Middlesex University Malta:

The Middlesex University of Malta is located in Pembroke, UK. The University is officially accredited by the Malta Ministry of Education and Employment. It is a university private university that is based at Middlesex University, UK. This university was founded in 2013. Middlesex University Malta offers courses and programs that can help the student have a great graduate employability rate. Since the Middlesex University of Malta is a branch of a UK university a graduate from this university will have a UK degree. This can be greatly beneficial for a student’s career.

4. The European Graduate School:

This University was established in the year, 2015. It is located in Valletta city. The European Graduate School is a branch operated by the branch in Switzerland. This institute is also officially accredited by Malta’s Ministry of Education and Employment. European Graduate School (EGS) offers different undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

These were the top 4 universities in Malta for Bangladeshi students to choose from. The number of universities in Malta can be less than others compared to countries like UK, USA, and Australia. However, Malta can be one of the best choices for Bangladeshi students because Malta is affordable and the country has great work opportunities.

If you are planning to apply to one of the top 4 universities in Malta that we mentioned you can apply for Malta for free and we will get back to you very soon and proceed with your application.


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