Why should a Bangladeshi Student Choose Malta?

Malta is the home of many international students from all around the world. Malta has a great study environment, low tuition fees, and a wide variety of courses to choose from. The country also has great work opportunities so if you are planning to work after finishing your course Malta can be a great choice for you.

Malta is welcoming to newcomers. You will have a lot of international students to befriend with. The country has a safe, friendly environment which is very important for Bangladeshi students.

The admission procedure for Malta is not as complicated as in other countries. You will just have to follow some simple procedures. What you need to make sure of is that you have proper financial support for your living expenses and tuition fees.

Required Documents:

1. Original Passport and recent passport size photo with white background
2. All Academic certificates and transcripts, given by the Bangladesh Education
Board, Education Ministry & Foreign Ministry.
3. 2 Recommendation letters are needed (For Master’s Degree)
4. Police Clearance
5. A letter written by you which states your future career plans
6. A bank statement and solvency

Fees Required for the Student:

File Opening, University Application Fee:
1. Tuition Fee: 7000 to 12500 Euro (Depending on the course and institute)
2. Health Insurance depending on the duration of staying.
3. Embassy Fee around (15,000 BDT+ -)

If you are planning to study in Malta this is a great time to do so! You apply here for free and our experts will get back to you very soon.