Studying in a country like the UK can rarely be affordable for many students. However, if your course and university selection are right and if you can apply to one of the scholarship-offered universities then it can be easier for you. Many Bangladeshi students want to know how they can study in UK from Bangladesh with scholarship. A scholarship from a UK university helps a student pay their course fees partially or fully. A scholarship can be a student’s financial aid. However, in order to study in UK from Bangladesh with scholarship a student will need to meet the eligibility requirements required by the university.

In countries like Bangladesh, it is always not easy for the students to manage the tuition fees. This is why most students in Bangladesh look for low-cost universities to enroll in. If a student can apply with a scholarship it can be a huge advantage for the student as he/she does not have to worry about paying the full tuition fees. International students including Bangladeshi students can apply for any scholarship offered university of their choice.

If the student is eligible a scholarship given by a UK university can be offered by the government as well. The student will need to go through the university criteria and requirements carefully to check whether they are eligible or not. Now let us talk about the criteria and everything if you want to study in UK from Bangladesh with scholarship.

What Criteria do the students need to meet?

Good academic performance is the most known criteria to everyone, but this also depends on where the university is located, the selected course, and more. If the student has had extra-curricular activities and volunteer work in the past then it can also add some advantages to scholarships offered by universities. Every scholarship has different eligibility criteria. Depending on the criteria you may have to manually apply for scholarships. If you already meet their conditions then you may be offered a scholarship by the university itself. For some of the research-based courses, you may need to submit written assignments for them to check whether you deserve a scholarship or not.

What a student can get with a scholarship:

What you can get with the scholarship like the amount of money or percentage of the scholarship depends on the institution. It varies from university to university. Some study programs may cover up to 100% scholarship and a partial amount of your living expenses. It may be more competitive to apply for a government-offered scholarship than a non-government one. There are thousands of students applying for scholarships. Therefore, it is recommended to start with the application more than 5 months before the application deadline.

Study in UK from Bangladesh with scholarship: 

All the visa requirements and criteria for scholarships apply to all international students including Bangladeshi students. So the requirements are the same for Bangladeshi students. If you want to learn more about the criteria you can go to a specific university website and check if you meet their requirements. Depending on the university the scholarship can vary. Some universities offer 20% and 30% scholarships.

While some other universities can offer up to 60-70% scholarships for Bangladeshi students. If you are planning to apply for the UK you should carefully go through the requirements and if you choose well then it will come to your advantage. Otherwise, you can end up making a mistake while applying for a UK university from Bangladesh.

If you feel that you need any kind of assistance with your UK student visa you can make a free appointment with us. We help students study in UK from Bangladesh with scholarship. We will help you find the best scholarship offers and university that suits your needs.

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