Low cost private universities in Bangladesh:

Are you looking for low cost private universities in Bangladesh? In this article, we are going to look at some of the low cost private universities in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has 103 private universities including international universities.  In total there are 45 public universities, 103 private universities, and 3 international universities in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country that is rich in cultural heritage and ancient ruins.

The oldest public university Dhaka university was established in 1921. The establishment of private universities is comparably recent. In the early 1990s, the private sector stepped forward. It started with the establishment of North South University. Since then, the country has seen remarkable growth in private universities. Bangladesh’s prestigious academic institutions have much to learn. Many of these universities are located in Dhaka and its surrounding areas.

There are many low cost private universities in Bangladesh. However, not all private universities can meet the standard needed for the students in Bangladesh. So, we have selected a few of the best ones to include in this list. Now, let us now look at some of the best low cost private universities in Bangladesh.

1. Southern University Bangladesh

Southern University Bangladesh (SUB) was founded in 1998 it became a whole university in the year 2002. It is located in the second capital city of Bangladesh, Chittagong.  It is one of the low cost universities in Bangladesh. The university has 3 faculties in total including Business Administration, Science and Technology, Arts and Social Sciences, and Law. The university offers a number of bachelor’s and master’s degrees to its local and international students. Course fees of the southern university Bangladesh are almost the same for both local and international students.

2. German University Bangladesh

Founded by Saifullah Khandker in 2013, The German University of Bangladesh is one of the top low cost universities in Bangladesh. After getting his higher studies in Germany in 2007 Saifullah Khandkar opened this university for Bangladeshi students. The university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Social Science, English, Economics, and more.

3. Brac University

BRAC university is a university that follows America’s education curriculum. The courses taught at the university are also in English. With this BRAC University ensures a great education quality for its students. BRAC University has a number of available schools and campuses. These include the Brac Business School, the School of Data & Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Humanities & Social Science, James P. Grant School of Public Health, School of Architecture & Design, Brac Institute of Languages, BRAC Institute of Educational Development, and more. The university also offers scholarships to the students that are eligible. 

4. City University of Bangladesh

City University of Bangladesh first opened in the year 2002. It is located in Panthapath, Dhaka. The University is renowned for using English as its primary medium of instruction. The university offers career-focused courses in Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Law, and English. It also has a campus in Savar that covers a space of 60 hectares. The City University of Bangladesh has a great campus for students, which includes accommodation, playgrounds, and a golf course. All that comes cheap as it is also one of the low cost private universities in Bangladesh.

5. Green University of Bangladesh

The Green University of Bangladesh is located in Begum Rokeya Sarani, Dhaka. It is one of the well-known low cost private universities in Bangladesh. The university currently has 8,000 enrolled students and it was established in 2003. Green University offers affordable but quality courses in the fields of Business Administration, Journalism, Law, Engineering, Textiles and etc. Although the university offers affordable course fees there is also an option for the students to apply for scholarships. It is one of the popular universities in Bangladesh for providing quality education for an affordable fee.

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