Why does a UK Student Visa get Rejected?

The UK is one of the most popular countries among international students because of its top-class education, great lecturers, and environment for international students. A degree from the UK is highly privileged in most countries. Which makes the UK a popular choice for international students. Obtaining a UK visa may seem easy to many international students. The students can end up making mistakes. Those mistakes ultimately cause their visas to get rejected. It is important for us to answer the question “why does a UK student visa get rejected?”

Thousands of UK visa applications are received each year, but not all the applications meet the visa requirements. Hundreds of visa applications get rejected. It is important to know why a UK Student visa gets rejected.

So that, the students can avoid making these mistakes while applying for a UK student visa. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the possible reasons behind visa application rejection. It will help you overcome the issues you may face.

1. Long Study Gap:

Having a long study gap is one of the most known reasons for a visa to get rejected. If you have a long study gap and you have not done anything productive in the meantime then it can have a bad impact on your visa processing. The students with a long gap must do something relevant to the course that they are applying for.

They have to at least do a course relevant to their subject in order to fill that long study gap. Otherwise, it is highly likely that their visa application will get rejected.

2. Not Proficient Enough in English:

English is widely spoken in the UK. It is necessary for someone studying in the UK to have basic English skills. It is necessary to be able to study their course.

Having low scores in English tests such as IELTS can result in a visa application getting rejected. Therefore, UK Universities have different English language requirements. The students need to meet the requirements for their application to be accepted.

3. Insufficient Financial Support: 

Different Universities in the UK have different course and admission fees. Depending on the required fees the students will have to show proof of their proper financial support. The student will also need proper funding for his/her living expenses for food, traveling, and more.

In some cases, the students are unable to bear the expenses. In such cases, the student visa application may get rejected.

4. Poor Credibility Interview:

A credibility interview is taken when applying for a visa. Some of the students are unable to show enough confidence and determination in the interview. Sometimes they are hesitant to answer the questions. It should be avoided at all costs.

The student is required to have proper knowledge about the UK, their course, and University. Being unable to answer the questions and lack of knowledge can result in their visa getting canceled. It is recommended for the student to gather proper knowledge about the UK, the course, and the university. Therefore, He/she should prepare for the interview first before attending.

5. Unable to show the intention of returning: 

The student must show the intention of returning to their home country upon finishing the course. They have to understand that this is a student visa. The student will have to return to their home country once the duration of the student visa is over.

Furthermore, the student will need to mention his/her future plans once the student is back in his home country. Unable to do so can lead to the cancellation of their visa application.

6. Incomplete Documents for UK Student Visa:

Students need to submit the required documents for their visa application to be accepted. Some students do not understand the whole procedure. They are unable to submit the proper supporting documents. It can lead to their visa application getting rejected.

Now, that we have answered, “Why does a UK Student Visa get Rejected”. Let’s talk about what you can do after being rejected once:


  • Firstly, The student can re-apply for the visa application
  • They should note down the previous mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes again
  • The rejection letter points out the visa rejection reasons. The student should go through it carefully.
  • Lastly, Gaining a deeper understanding of UK student visa requirements is recommended. Therefore, The students should do their own research before applying for a UK student visa.


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