Internal English Test for UK:

An Internal English test for UK universities is a test offered by some Universities in the UK. If a student is unable to sit for an IELTS or other English tests then the student can look for a university that offers this test. Some students in Bangladesh do not get the required IELTS score required by a university. For example, Let us say that a student did his IELTS and got a score of 5.0 or 5.5. In most cases, for UG and PG the minimum requirement is 6.0/6.5.

Therefore, the student will be unable to enroll in the university. Such students can sit for an Internal English test for UK which is taken by the university that the student applies to. If the student does not have an IELTS certificate then the university can still consider it and take an internal English test for the student. It is always better for you to have an IELTS certificate. If you think you don’t have the time for IELTS this test can be a good option for students like you. Depending on the university it can be both a free or a paid course. However, the test is free of cost at most universities.

An Internal English Test for UK is quite similar to an IELTS test. You will have all 4 components (listening, speaking, writing, reading) just like an IELTS test. The test will take around 4 hours to complete depending on the modules. The test may be fully online or partially online. You may have to sit for the test at a center located in Bangladesh. On the other hand, depending on the test modules the test can also be taken online through a website.

4 components of the Internal English Test for UK:

  • Listening (30 mins) – You will listen to a recording and answer based on what you heard on the recording.
  • Reading (60 mins) – There will be texts for you to read in this section and you will answer based on what you read.
  • Writing (60 mins) – There will be two essays of your choice for you to write. Your writing skills will be tested.
  • Speaking (up to 30 mins) – An interviewer will ask you a few different questions or talk on a specific topic. Your speaking ability will be tested.

The time may vary depending on the university this is just to give you a basic idea of how an Internal English test for UK can be. It will be similar to what we have shown here. The results will be given to you within 10-15 days depending on the university.

Some of the Universities that accept internal test for UK:

  1. Coventry University
  2. Bristol University
  3. Ulster University
  4. Northumbria University
  5. Roehampton University
  6. London Metropolitan University
  7. Solent University
  8. Middlesex University

There are documents that will be needed to take this test. Let us now look at what are the required documents you will need.

The following documents will be needed to take the test:

  • Passport: You must hold a valid passport and it must not be expired.
  • ID: For Bangladeshi students, a photocopy of the student’s national ID will be required.
  • IELTS: If the student holds an IELTS certificate it will be needed

Lastly, the university must send an offer letter to the student for him/her to be eligible for the test. Keep in mind that the university will not let you take the test unless they think you’ll enroll in that university. Therefore, you must hold the proper documents and meet the eligibility requirements. Only then you can take the test. If you are not eligible for the test for any reason then the only option left for you will be to take an English test from Bangladesh like IELTS, OIETC, or Duolingo. Otherwise, your application will not be accepted.

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