UK student visa requirements for Bangladeshi students:

Thousands of Bangladeshis flock to the UK to get their higher degrees every year. A degree from a UK university is highly privileged anywhere you go in the world. The UK is renowned for its excellent quality of education for international students. The country has a number of globally recognized universities with quality lecturers, a great environment, and facilities for international students. The UK has everything that is needed to understand a student’s potential. Therefore, it is the ultimate choice for Bangladeshi students.

Most of the famous leaders in the world have had their degrees from a UK university. The country offers short courses for international students. As an example, a Master’s degree in the UK can be 2 years or even 3 in Bangladesh and other countries. On the other hand, UK universities offer only 1 year short courses which makes it very convenient for international students. The students have the option to work part-time while working and apply for highly paid job positions after graduation. Even if a Bangladeshi student comes back to his/her home country the student will have great job opportunities in respectable positions available to him/her.

Even a bachelor’s course in the UK is 2 years which is at least 3-4 years in other countries. Getting a degree from a UK university helps a student build a successful career. UK universities provide an excellent study environment for international students as well. The students can have friends from all around the world, and improve their English skills. These are the reasons why the UK has become a popular choice for Bangladeshi students.

If you are willing to apply to a UK university it is important for you to know about the requirements and the whole procedure. All the requirements and everything apply to all international students. For Bangladeshi students, the procedure will be very similar. It is very important for you to know the whole procedure so that you do not make any crucial mistakes when applying. Remember that making a serious mistake can lead to visa rejection and even permanent visa rejection. So let us now look at the requirements and everything you need to know about UK student visa requirements for Bangladeshi students.

UK student visa requirements for Bangladeshi students:

1.  Passport (Must be valid)
2. All the Academic Certificates and Transcripts
3. IELTS Certificate (Need to meet the minimum score)
4. Complete the CV with all the required information.
5. SOP is needed for some of the foundations and all the bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.
6. Recommendation Letter from the university for all the bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.
7. Bank Statement and Solvency Certificate of the last 28 days.
8. TB Test Report

English Proficiency / UK student visa requirements for Bangladeshi students:

1. For Bachelor’s (IELTS score of 6.0)
2. For Master’s (IELTS score of 6.5)
3. For Foundation Programs IELTS: 4.5/5.0 (Need UKVI IELTS)
4. Pre-Master’s Program: 5.5 (Need UKVI IELTS)

Required Fees:

The tuition fees mainly depend on the course that you will study and your university. We are giving you an approximate idea of how much the required fees will be.

10500 –14500 GBP Approx. (Foundation Course)
10500 – 12500 GBP Approx. (Bachelor Direct Course)
7500 – 11500 GBP Approx. (Pre Masters-Course)
12500 – 16000 GBP Approx. (Direct Masters Course)
IHS Fee – 624/-GBP per year
Embassy Fee 45000/- BDT
TB Test – 8,200/-BDT Approx.

Tuition Fee Payment:

Depending on the University 50% – 70% payment may have to be paid before arriving (Foundation / Pre-Masters / Pre-sessional English)  Note: Some Universities may require full payment.

The minimum amount of deposit for payment will be approximately (1500-4000 pounds) (Direct program). The total processing time of the application will be around 2 months.

We hope we have cleared any contusions about UK student visa requirements for Bangladeshi students. If you are planning to study in the UK this is a great time to do so! You apply here for free and our experts will get back to you very soon.

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